Emergency Lighting Installation & Service

Ensure safety and compliance with our comprehensive emergency lighting services. Our dedicated team offers installation, maintenance, repairs, and sales tailored to your property's needs.

Professional Installation

Our certified technicians ensure proper installation of emergency lighting systems, adhering to industry standards and regulations for maximum safety and reliability.

Prompt Repairs

Trust our experienced team to promptly diagnose and repair any issues with your emergency lighting system, ensuring continuous operation during power outages.

Quality Sales

Explore our selection of top-rated emergency lighting products, available for purchase at competitive prices. We offer expert guidance to help you choose the right solution for your property.

Emergency Lighting

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Basic Plan

Service Plan One


Emergency lighting service for small to medium properties.

  • Up to 20 Fixtures
  • 1 Service Visit
  • 24 Hour Response
  • Certificates and Logbook
  • Emergency Light Cert
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Service Plan Two


Emergency lighting service for medium to large properties.

  • Up to 50 Fixtures
  • 2 Service Visits
  • Certificate and Logbook
  • 24 Hour Response
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Service Plan Three


Emergency lighting service for large properties, schools, high rise, hospitals.

  • Unlimited Fixtures
  • 2 or 4 Service Visits
  • Certificate and Logbook
  • 3-24 Hour Response
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Frequently Asked Questions

Emergency lighting ensures sufficient illumination during power outages or emergencies, aiding safe evacuation and minimizing panic. It also helps emergency responders navigate the premises effectively.

Emergency lighting should be tested monthly to ensure proper functionality. Additionally, a full duration test (usually lasting 1-3 hours) should be conducted annually to simulate a power outage and confirm the lights' effectiveness.

The lifespan of emergency lighting batteries varies depending on factors such as battery type, usage, and environmental conditions. Typically, sealed lead-acid batteries last around 3-5 years, while nickel-cadmium batteries have a longer lifespan of 5-7 years.

To perform a monthly test, simply activate the emergency lighting system by simulating a power outage or pressing the test button (if available). Ensure that all lights illuminate properly and remain lit for the specified duration. Any issues should be addressed promptly.

While some emergency lighting kits are designed for DIY installation, it's advisable to hire a qualified electrician for proper installation. They can ensure compliance with regulations, proper wiring, and optimal placement for effective illumination during emergencies.

To ensure compliance, consult local building codes and regulations regarding emergency lighting requirements. Work with a qualified professional to design and install a system that meets these standards, and schedule regular maintenance to keep the system in optimal condition.

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